Firm Resume

Johnson, Blumberg, & Associates, LLC (JB&A) is a dynamic and growing, minority-certified law firm.  We represent lenders and servicers, note-buyers, creditors and other security-holders in federal, bankruptcy, and state courts.  Our attorneys advise our variety of clients in residential and commercial foreclosures, bankruptcies, title claims, housing code violations, evictions, closings, collections, replevins, and all genres of commercial transactions and litigation throughout the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our unique and broad footprint in the Midwest is a potent asset to our multi-state clients who can use us as a single point of contact for the entire region. Working with JB&A can assist our clients in achieving their diversity requirements under federal laws and corporate policies. 


JB&A privileges communication with clients.  Our senior attorneys provide prompt, informative answers to client inquiries.  We generate written monthly or biweekly status reports to our clients upon request. Our reputation in the industry reflects both the prestige of our legal practice and the attention we give to every client.

Practice Areas
•    Commercial Litigation:    The Commercial Litigation Department represents lenders and creditors in a wide range of commercial transactions and litigation in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts at both trial and appellate levels.  We represent businesses in matters involving obtaining, protecting and enforcing security interests, defending against fraud and other tort actions, and prosecuting and defending contract disputes. We have extensive experience representing landlords and court-appointed receivers in foreclosure, litigation, eviction, loan workout, collection and bankruptcy matters.  

•    Foreclosure:  JB&A has successfully and expeditiously handled thousands of foreclosure cases for our clients. We offer our clients cradle-to-the-grave service, including initiating the foreclosure suit, curing title issues, entry of the foreclosure judgment, scheduling of and bidding at sheriff’s sale, recording the deed or certificate, evicting and gaining possession of the premises, if necessary, and handling the REO closing. We protect the interests of clients holding junior mortgages by filing answers, judgment affidavits, and petitions for surplus.  Additionally, we handle all aspects of contested litigation associated with residential and commercial mortgage foreclosures, appeals, and defending our clients in suits for TILA, fraud, tort actions and other claims.  

•    Loss Mitigation:    The Loss Mitigation Department assists our clients with a variety of loan-workout alternatives, including loan modifications, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, preparation of forbearance agreements and short sales, which are geared to save our clients considerable time and expense.  To mitigate client loan losses, we have pursued other remedies, including deficiency actions, collection suits, and the negotiation of substitution of collateral agreements.

•    Bankruptcy:   The Bankruptcy Department files proofs of claim, motions for relief from automatic stay, motions to dismiss, attends Rule 341 meetings of creditors, handles contested cram-down litigation and complex Chapter 11 representation, and defends and pursues adversary claims.

•    Evictions:   The Eviction Department issues demands for possession, initiates forcible entry and detainer proceedings, files supplemental petitions for possession, and ensures swift execution of orders of possession by the sheriff.

•    REO Closings:    The REO Department negotiates terms with the buyer, clear exceptions from title, comply with all municipal requirements, including water bills, zoning and inspection issues, prepare full closing documentation, attend the closing, review closed loan packages and ensure that proceeds are promptly received by the lender or investor.

•    Title Curative:    The Title Curative Department provides a complete suite of title curative services.  We file title claims and court actions to cure defective title and undertake curative recording activities to resolve title problems. Our firm has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients through successful title claims against insurance companies.  We have successfully adjudicated lien priority disputes in court proceedings on HOA, utility, and tax lien matters. 


Where every client matters.